50+ Inspiring Quotes About Volunteering & Service

A good quote can serve as a handy reminder for why you’ve set out on a course in life. The ideas contained within it can also serve as a gentle nudge to reconsider and reframe how you see the world. There are many reasons to serve others, whether you are traveling or volunteering in your local […]


40+ Green Gift Ideas for Greenies!

Fa-la-la, y’all! The holidays are coming. Mention this factoid in a mixed group right now, and one is liable to elicit reactions ranging from gleeful excitement to naked terror—with an individual’s feelings largely contingent on how much progress they’ve made on their holiday shopping (online this year because, y’know). Now’s the time, however, to start at least […]


How to Help Others by Volunteering During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Wondering how to help during the novel coronavirus pandemic that has affected the entire world in unprecedented ways? There are actually numerous local and at home (online) volunteer opportunities for those who want to help while COVID-19 continues to cause widespread pain to people, communities, and livelihoods. Entire industries are crippled. Small businesses all over […]


Community Service Offered Abroad Can Be Just As Powerful at Home

“Community service” is an interesting term. Technically, it is simply another phrase synonymous with volunteering. The word’s connotation, however, implies a style of volunteering with a much more tangible and direct impact, often on underserved populations and projects within a community. Let us therefore look at community-driven volunteering and how it plays out in your […]


Questions to Ask Your Volunteer Organization

Volunteering internationally is an activity that takes careful consideration, research, and an analysis of the what and hows of your potential volunteer organization. Volunteering isn’t the right choice in every circumstance; sometimes, you next trip might be better suited for other related activities. Consider fundraising for a cause close to your heart, then donate to organizations in […]


How to Clean Up Ocean Trash While Traveling (And Why You Should!)

Thailand: Pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters on secluded tropical islands. It is perfect image for a holiday relaxing in the sun. Right? The reality is a far cry different in many places around the country, and in touristy beaches around the world. Thai beaches are not always as pristine as you may imagine. […]


8 Behaviors of Responsible Travelers

“Responsible tourism” is a buzzword these days. Pair it with “sustainble tourism” and you have the magic words that hotels, tour operators, and businesses throw around to catch onto a trend. It’s a good trend, at its heart. Travelers are increasingly aware of the need for an integrated, responsible approach to travel and tourism. But what […]


New Social Enterprise Opens in Bagan, Myanmar

The Myanmar Youth Development Institute is bringing vocational training opportunities to the youth of Bagan, Myanmar with the creation of Sanon Restaurant, Bagan’s first socially responsible restaurant. Social enterprise is fairly new to Myanmar despite being well developed in nearby Thailand and Vietnam, so it’s exciting to see how every year brings new opportunities for […]


Vietnam Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide

While nearby Thailand gets a ton of buzz internationally because it has a well-developed tourism industry at every end of the spectrum—both high-end and budget, and everything in between—Vietnam deserves a closer look for anyone heading to Southeast Asia. This long and skinny country has thousands of miles of coastline, every type of terrain imaginable, […]


Thailand Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide

Thailand is a huge hub for tourists of every nationality and from every corner of the world. It’s one of the best marketed destinations in Southeast Asia, and for good reason—the transportation infrastructure is solid, the food is incredible, and the culture is accessible. It’s no wonder that backpackers, travelers, and digital nomads flock to […]