Oklahoma Tornado—A Few Ways to Help

Oklahoma tornadoesThe tornadoes that hit Oklahoma yesterday have generated a lot of attention and concern as images flash on the television the destruction and Facebook feeds fill with news, pleas for help, and information. In the spirit of helping when and where possible, which is a tenant of my own life, I have gathered a few of the best places to donate your time or funds if you’re interested in supporting the relief efforts in the mid-west right now. Many times little actions stack up so see if one of these fits with a way you can help some of the victims.

American Red Cross

As always, the American Red Cross is a central organization helping in providing relief to the region affected by the tornadoes. Consider donating through the Red Cross if you’re keen to send funds. They also accept blood donations, which you can do from anywhere in the US, and they are a great source for accurate news and updates on-the-ground. They provide food, shelter, and emotional support to those affected and are among the first responders helping people.

Notify loved ones: Use the Safe and Well site or the tornado app from The Red Cross to locate loved ones who may have been effected by the storms.

Food Bank of Oklahoma

With the devastation in the region one of the primary concerns is feeding the victims who have lost their homes and are now displaced. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is accepting donations through their site and you can be assured these funds will be used to ensure those in need have clean food and water.

Salvation Army

Disaster response teams from the Salvation Army have already been mobilized and are helping provide food and serve victims in the region. They accept online donations to the organization in any denomination you can afford.

All of these organizations offer easy ways to donate, and in these first days in the aftermath of the storm this is the primary help needed–reconstruction will begin in the weeks and months ahead.

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