An Open Letter: How to Find Compassion and Kindness Through Travel

One reason that I love traveling is because of the new perspectives that I gain on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing—being in a different culture and out of my comfort zone gives me a deeper understanding of unfamiliar things and it keeps me rooted in compassion. And let’s […]


Volunteer Story: Navigating India’s Complicated NGO Landscape

When I decided to move to India and live there, I went simply because the country had always intrigued me. Plus, the idea of moving there excited me. My friends are accustomed to me packing up and shipping out without a fully formed plan. Newer acquaintances, however, are a little confused, to say the least. “But when will […]


Thoughtful is the New Smart: How to Maximize Your Volunteer Impact

I would like to consider myself a thoughtful person. I like to weigh options, analyze everything and know all possible outcomes before making a choice. It sometimes drives my friends a little crazy … but it’s just who I am. This carries through in my travel as well. I guess you could say I like […]


Cambodia’s Elephant Valley Project: Roam With the Ellies

Animals and tourism don’t often play well together—at least not responsibly. Even Ringling Bros. Circus is retiring its elephants after nearly 150 years due to public concerns about treatment. People are becoming more aware, but sometimes it’s hard to tell the reputable organizations from those that put money ahead of animal well-being. This is especially […]


A Creative, DIY Approach to Volunteering in Nepal

The idea of volunteering in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal came to me as a surprise. I had spent the better part of two years traveling the world, after becoming disenchanted with a career as an accountant working long hours. I had just completed my postgraduate qualification, when I gave notice of my resignation. After six […]


Finding Peace in Dharamsala, India

I did not go to India for religious reasons. I did not go to do volunteer work. I did not go expecting to find anything other than historic architecture and scenic views to capture with the camera I have so much trouble putting down when I’m traveling. I arrived for my first visit to McleodGanj, […]


Volunteering in a Culturally Sensitive Village in Malaysia

This week’s volunteer story is from Jason; he shares his experience volunteering in Malaysia and navigating the early days on the ground with a new placement.  He shared his travel journey in more depth on his blog, GoldenbookTraveler.com, which shares the challenges and adventures that life has to offer.  I left the United States in June […]


A Look at Conservation Volunteering with Frontier

Working within the volunteering industry, I am often overwhelmed by the sheer number of organizations and choices out there for people interested in doing good somewhere in the world. And so, when we at Grassroots Volunteering find great organizations doing strong work, in tandem with local communities, we strive to highlight their positive work here. […]