GV Ambassador Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a GV Ambassador!

At this point, you and the founder, Shannon O’Donnell, should have talked about your role with GV and how we can use your help to map the world of grassroots projects from social enterprises to indie volunteering organizations.

Now, you just need to understand how exactly the GV database works.

Download/view this PDF training guide

It’s important that you start by reading the PDF.

There are several links and training details within the guide, but in case those links don’t work, or if this is easier for you, here are the most important resources linked within the PDF:

As a thank you for your help on this project, and if you are interested in more on the subject of ethical international volunteering, GV Ambassadors can access a free e-copy of Shannon’s book, The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook (downloadable in PDF, mobi, or ePub).

As always, many thanks for your help and support, and welcome to the GV community.

~The GV Team