Barcelona — Urban Responsible Tourism Done Right

I can’t quite put my finger on what makes Barcelona my favorite city. The cobblestone streets winding between architecturally stunning buildings along the Mediterranean. The looming Pyrénées forever in the background, looking over every movement. Or perhaps the extraordinary, intricate Gaudí-inspired murals covering any once-blank surface. The locals are friendly and the weather is splendid. And the wine and the […]


36 Beautiful Quotes About Volunteering & Travel

A good quote can serve of a handy reminder for why you’ve set out on a course in life. These ideas can also serve as a gentle nudge to reconsider and reframe how you see the world. There are many reasons to volunteer and serve, but the profound and underlying truth under them all is that […]


How Responsible Travel Impacts Fairtrade Tea in Kenya

Few activities are older and more deeply rooted in tradition than tea. Thousands of years ago, tea was an auspicious and expensive treat — royalty sipped tea over important discussions. Over time, as it became more accessible, new variations arose. Tea is now an essential part of almost every culture across the globe. Tea has become an international symbol of […]


5 Reasons You Should Visit Nicaragua Now

Nicaragua was the first country where I really lived abroad, and it holds a special place in my heart. I gush about it to anyone who will listen, even today, years later. As I write this post, I continually turn my laptop around to show my roommate various photos of my adventures. Photos are always followed by […]


The 8 Behaviors of Responsible Travelers

“Responsible travel” is a buzzword these days. Pair it up with “sustainble tourism” and you have the magic words that hotels, tour operators and businesses are throwing around to catch onto a trend. It’s a good trend, at the heart. Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for an integrated, responsible approach to travel. But […]


Volunteer Story: Navigating India’s Complicated NGO Landscape

When I decided to move to India and live there, I went simply because the country had always intrigued me. Plus, the idea of moving there excited me. My friends are accustomed to me packing up and shipping out without a fully formed plan. Newer acquaintances, however, are a little confused, to say the least. “But when will […]


Invention Series Part 4: Travelers

One of my favorite parts of travelling is escaping into a different world and immersing myself in other cultures. And, of course, my iPhone, camera, laptop, and Kindle are immersed right alongside me. While I like the idea of going off of the grid, this means checking Facebook once a day instead of fifteen times. What can I say, it’s an […]


Giving Helps You Feel More Connected, Here’s How

Through my work in the travel industry, I’ve seen many travelers draw clear lines in the sand around the nature of their vacation. Some plan for only luxurious beach getaways, others a backpacking trip, and some embark on a specifically designed volunteer vacation. Travel, however, is more deeply nuanced than any of these bold delineations. […]


Invention Series Part 3: Healthcare

I’ve been running quite a bit lately to train for an upcoming half marathon. I’m a very competitive person, so any time I mention the race in conversation I have to fight the immediate urge to explain why I’m doing a half marathon instead of a full one. It’s nothing too exciting — I just have really bad knees. […]


Invention Series Part 2: Solar

For the Western world, “going solar” generally means costly investments, a degree in tax law, and being labeled a treehugger by neighbors. Until this past month, my knowledge of solar energy began and ended with the large panels placed on rooftops. In the past, I’ve worked on clean energy campaigns and I did some work in the […]